Video and Photo Tribute to My 6 Favorite Dog Behaviors

©Scott Sheaffer, CDBC, CPDT-KA, USA Dog Behavior, LLC

I see a lot of not-so-entertaining dog behaviors such as aggression, separation anxiety, resource guarding, compulsive behaviors, etc. I have to be honest; it gets me down a little sometimes.

On the other hand, there are six normal and healthy dog behaviors that I really enjoy watching. Here are six of my favorites. 

1) Head Tilt – You said what?


2) Soft Mouth - Such nice manners.


3) Fast Down – So enthusiastic.


4) Extreme Tail Wagging – A whole-body experience.


5) Splayed Out on Floor – This is the original “down dog”.


6) Resting/Sleeping on Back – This is my dog, Clipper, taking a little nap with his favorite stuffed toy. I really do need to work on getting him to feel more relaxed.