Facts about Men and Their Dogs

©Scott Sheaffer, CPDT-KA, USA Dog Behavior

Men's Health magazine recently ran an article with some interesting facts about men and their dogs. Here a few of the more interesting.

> Percentage of men who don't have a dog, but wish they did: 88

> 22% of men say they would spend $20,000+ in vet bills to save their dog's life.

> 1 in 10 men admit to not picking up after their dog in public.

> Percentage of men who say their eventual spouse must be a dog lover: 77

> Three top reasons men get upset at their dog: barking too much, poor obedience, housetraining mistakes.

> Thing that men are most jealous of when it comes to their dog: they get to sleep all day.

> 3 reasons men give for not having a dog: no time, no space, landlord doesn't allow.

> Most popular dog names given by men: Jack for males and Bella for females.

> Percentage of men who have experienced the business end of a dog (i.e., got bitten): 65

> Average guy's favorite dog breed: Labrador Retriever

> Dog breed that men think is the most likely to attract women: German Shepherd (that one surprised me too)

> Percentage of men who dress their dog: 15

> Number of dog loving men who secretly also like cats: 2%

> Percentage of men who don't want a small dog: 75