The Lighter Side Of Sleeping With Dogs

©Scott Sheaffer, USA Dog Behavior

Most dog owners are unsure whether they should allow Max on the furniture or, heaven forbid, on their bed.

Below are some guidelines to help you make a decision that is right for you:

It's okay to let your dog on the furniture if you choose. It's your furniture to do with as you wish. Well, it is until you decide you'd like to sleep where Zeus is homesteading.

When Juliet visits you in bed and spreads some paw sand (and small gravel) under your sheets, you'll appreciate that she is giving you a simulated camping experience. She'd love to build you a campfire too, but not having opposable thumbs gets in the way.

I'm fine with big dogs on furniture. However, there is a size consideration. If Bear weighs more than your sofa, it's probably best for him to acclimate to sleeping on the floor.

Don't make your doggy a mental case by constantly changing her furniture rules. Let Thorina know what the rules are and stick with them - if that's okay with Thorina, of course.

Allowing Rosie on your new leather loveseat could actually provide that natural distressed look at no charge. Hint: You must not cut Rosie's nails too short for this to be effective.

Most dogs shed fur and it gets on your furniture. In fact, there's a law that says the more Jax's fur color differs from the color of your La-Z-Boy, the more Jax will shed.

Those nasty little hotel-room-looking stains on your furniture are probably, well, dog spit. One of the unfortunate things about dogs is that they couldn't possibly care less about getting spit on your antique ottoman. Actually, it's worse. Lola doesn't even know she drools - everything is at risk that she sleeps on.

To check the local weather you only need to look at your eggwhite sectional. You'll notice that Luna has tracked in mud and thoughtfully smeared it there. She may not speak English, but she has done a good job of making it clear to everyone that it's been raining. Good girl.

Do I sleep with my dogs? You better believe it.

Why? If you have to ask...