Separation Anxiety in Dogs Seminar - Assessment, Types and Treatment, Dallas, Texas


Presenter: Scott Sheaffer, CDBC, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA

November 4, 2018, Separation Anxiety in Dogs - Assessment, Types and Treatment, Dallas, Texas

Sponsored by Park Cities Pet Sitter, Dallas, Texas.

Does your dog (or a dog you work with) become overly anxious as you prepare to leave? You’ve noticed that the dog’s stress appears to continue the entire time you are gone and can include destructive behaviors. Owners frequently feel like they are hostages in their own homes because they’re afraid to leave the dog alone.

Separation anxiety is a common behavior issue affecting 15% of all dogs and is even more common in rescue dogs. Unfortunately, many popularized techniques used to address separation anxiety in dogs actually make things worse. But with the right approach, these dogs can be helped.

In this 4-hour classroom course, Scott Sheaffer will lead you through the following topics to provide techniques to manage and address separation anxiety:

  • What are the different types of canine separation anxiety and how are they determined?        
  • Realistic prognosis expectations and timeframes
  • Management
  • Treatment options and techniques
  • Role of medication in treating separation anxiety

Just about everyone who has a pet dog will benefit from this material. Additionally, anyone who works with dogs such as rescue organizations, groomers, veterinarian practice employees and dog trainers will benefit as well.